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Sunday services at 11 AM.

1105 Elm. St. (at Illinois)

Youngstown, OH 44505

A Joyful Community, Spiritually Engaged, Changing the World.

Welcome! We are a home for liberal religion in the Mahoning Valley. Our mission is to build a diverse and transformative spiritual community, help people live lives of wholeness, and promote justice, peace, and religious freedom.

Here’s what’s going on at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown:

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Sunday, November 30, Service – “Ferguson, America — Thoughts on Race and American Identity”

11 AM Sanctuary

On Monday, November 24, a grand jury refused to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown, a young black man, on August 9. The response, nationwide, reflects our deep unease, even dis-ease, over the social concept of race in America. What is the extent of institutional racism in America? What is the path to justice and healing?

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Sarah Lown

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

True colors of america - raj - 15252454724_c7634ece78_b.jpg

Sunday, November 23, Service – “The Secret of Saying Thanks”

11 AM Sanctuary

For our multigenerational Thanksgiving service, we will explore what might be surprising “secrets” about gratitude, about saying thanks. We’ll follow this with a communion of bread and fruit, before we retire downstairs for our traditional UUYO Thanksgiving Dinner.

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Kristina Spaude

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall


Wordle from “Deep Conversations”

IMG_1346 IMG_1352Deep Conv

This Wordle provides a quick summary of what people said in our “Deep Conversations” on November 2. In the Deep Conversations, we used the techniques from Open Space Technology to raise up areas of interest, and then discuss these in groups. The groups made notes, which were used for this Wordle.

A Wordle shows the words that people used. The bigger words are words used most often.

Where do we go from here? We’ll seek to reconvene the groups (plus anyone else that is interested) at the Adult Forum time, Sunday mornings 9:30 – 11 AM. Out of these, we hope specific teams will emerge to work on the topics of interest.


Sunday, November 16, Service – “In the Hearts of Our Neighbors”

11 AM Sanctuary

We Unitarian Universalists pride ourselves in being a Welcoming Congregation. We welcome all people – no matter your size, shape, color, sexual orientation. But what about the guy next door? What about the people with whom we disagree? We will explore what tolerance means to us.

Worship Leader: BeckyAnn Harker

Worship Associate: Andy Pfrenger

Musician:  Nanette Kaplan Solomon

April Westervelt - My spurred neighbor - 2854542280_ebfdfdc00d_b.jpg


Wordle from “Fast Conversations”


Fast Conv Wordle

This Wordle provides a quick summary of what people said in our “Fast Conversations” on October 18 and 26. In the Fast Conversations, participants briefly answered the questions: What brought you to UUYO? What keeps you here? What would make UUYO even better?

A Wordle shows the words that people used. The bigger words are words used most often. Clearly, the people and community stand out as most important, but areas like music and social justice and RE emerge, too.

The Fast Conversations fed the Deep Conversations held on November 2.

The listing of items from the Fast Conversations is here.


Sunday, November 9, Service – “Going Deep – Spiritual Practice to Expand Your Heart”

11 AM Sanctuary

A spiritual journey is like a treasure hunt. Your explorations reveal the treasure of Enlightenment. Your Practice is what gets you there. Developing a Spiritual Practice allows us to connect deeply with our passion and expand our own Sacred Possibilities. So, if you are ready to learn more of the mysteries, join us as we go treasure hunting!

Worship Leader:  Gina DeAngelo

Worship Associate:  Kristina Spaude

Musician:  Nanette Kaplan Solomon

wooded path - 15125968690_64eb7d691b_n.jpg

“The Joy of Giving” – Stewardship Campaign 2015

AppealSteelChaliceDuring our annual Stewardship Campaign, members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown agree to support the church with their financial pledges for 2015. These pledges provide over 80% of the money needed to operate the church.


Dear Friends,

We are grateful for your support!

The First Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown is unique in our area as a community that welcomes and includes people with a wide variety of spiritual and religious orientations. In a time of increasing religious intolerance, UUYO remains a beacon of liberal religion in the Mahoning Valley. We strive to become the joyful community, spiritually engaged, changing the world.

Matt Speaking - IMG_2758

Our Progress in 2014

We have continued to improve our Worship with a worship design process, more sermon formats, trained worship associates, more music variety, art and video. We have fully implemented Year Round Worship with summer services that include music, singing and printed bulletins

.Marcellene - 12528_10152739878475530_3189866703499923156_n

Our Children’s Religious Education program continues to be strong with about 30 children present on many Sundays. We have engaged our older youth to assist with teaching and plan a Bridging program for youth transitioning to adulthood.

Multigenerational - 856297_10152222802895530_2035785730_o

In the UUYO Community, our Hospitality Teams, which support UUYO’s culture of welcoming, are growing and strengthening. We continue to have events such as the Thanksgiving Din- ner and Chili Cook-off. Gifts from our All Church Auction allowed us to begin remodeling Schweitzer Lounge.

We have increased our support for the UU Denomination by another 10% and received significant benefits, including Leadership Training programs. Additionally we have been blessed with Kristina Spaude joining us as a Ministerial Intern, learning from our church as she continues her training for UU ministry.

Tim and Kids - 10506861_10152629947315530_6020166287431051543_o

Our Goals for 2015

We’ve realized that strengthening our own UUYO Community is a key goal. To this end we plan to launch a Small Group Ministry (sharing groups) program in early 2015. We also seek to re-launch the Circle Supper program that was so popular a few years ago.

We also recognize that Community Service and Social Justice is important. We want to complete Green Sanctuary certification and develop at least one other strong Social Justice area, such as Reproductive Justice or Marriage Equality.

Kathey in Food Line - _MG_1942

Our Adult Religious Education offered programs like WisdomPath (money, life and spirituality) and The Shared Pulpit (lay preaching) along with other events like the Women’s Retreat. Our summer program, Journey Café, offered a more spirit-based approach to the former Universal Café series

Jam Session - 10500345_10152604255665530_7646268099915915366_n

Our Social Justice program reached out to support Valley charities through our Share the Plate program. We began the process of seeking renewal for our Welcoming Congregation status. We continue to support the Northside Farmers Market and welcome neighborhood groups such as Wick Park Neighbors, affinity groups such as Tightrope AA (LGBTQ friend- ly) and FrackFree Mahoning Valley, with building usage or reduced rent. The Green Sanctuary committee is progressing toward making UUYO as energy efficient as possible.

Coming of Age Group - IMG_2770

UUYO as a Teaching Congregation


In late 2014 we became a Teaching Congregation by welcoming Kristina Spaude as our two- year, part-time ministerial intern. We plan to continue to support her in her ministerial formation.

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November Theme: “Expansiveness of Heart”

The Buddha tells a parable of placing a chunk of salt in a cup of water, making that cup undrinkable, while placing the same chunk in the Ganges river would have almost no effect. Expansiveness invites us to examine how we might expand the spiritual “water” around us. We create expansiveness, or boundlessness, by removing separation, division, xenophobia.

We can increase what UU theologian Bernard Loomer called S-I-Z-E, the capacity of a person’s soul, the range and depth of their love and relationships, while still remaining their integrity and individuality. We find the infinite expanse, the universal oneness that the mystics of all traditions speak of in their own ways.

expansiveness - Cloes Your Eyes, Open Your Heart - Eneas De Troya - 454903080_97a8100b4b_o.jpg