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Sunday services at 11 AM.

1105 Elm. St. (at Illinois)

Youngstown, OH 44505

A Joyful Community, Spiritually Engaged, Changing the World.

Welcome! We are a home for liberal religion in the Mahoning Valley. Our mission is to build a diverse and transformative spiritual community, help people live lives of wholeness, and promote justice, peace, and religious freedom.

Here’s what’s going on at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown:

February Theme – “The Joyful Community”

For the months of February to April, we consider the three parts of our tagline, “UUYO — A Joyful Community, Spiritually Engaged, Changing the World.” The February theme, Joyful Community invites us to explore feelings of joy, delight, happiness, and agape (“brotherly love”). We explore how these qualities are nurtured and encouraged in a community like our church, and in the other groups and communities we are part of.


Sunday, February 1, Service – “Happy Accidents”

11 AM Sanctuary

Happy Accidents and outlandish values help us get through winter. Someone wise once said this. Come and discover the mystery of winter contentment. We will take a journey through the world’s best ideas for inner warmth when there is outer cold.

Worship Leaders: Sarah Lown, with Sarah Lowry, Andy Pfrenger

Music: Marcellene Hawk Mayhall



Sunday, January 25, Service – “Weak Signals and Wild Cards”

11 AM Sanctuary

Is the world changing too fast around us? Have the benefits of technology (cat videos, Candy Crush Saga, fitbits) been worth the tradeoffs (cyberterrorism, loss of privacy, global warming)? We explore past worries about change along with predictions for the future (both dystopian and utopian), and try to find a way to navigate technological and societal change.

Worship Leader: Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate: Ben Barnes

Music by Jeff Bremer, jazz musician

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Explorations – Spiritual Conversations in Small Groups

Explorations header

Explorations is a new small group ministry program at UUYO.
Try it out!

We’re starting a new program called Explorations at UUYO. These small groups of 6 to 10 will meet monthly for 1.5 – 2 hours to explore a topic together, led by trained facilitators. The focus of these groups is to allow people to share their feelings and observations on the topic, without interruption or debate.
We’ll have Sampler sessions in late January at UUYO (no commitment required). Choose one of these dates:

  • Thursday, Jan 22, 7 PM
  • Sunday, Jan 25, 2 PM
  • Monday, Jan 26, 7 PM

For more information, click here.
Click here
to sign up online: bit.ly/UUYOJanSGM

Circle Suppers are coming – January 31!

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Sign up by January 25!

Circle Suppers are pot-luck dinners held in someone’s home. The composition of the group varies each time, and no two dinner parties have the same guest lists.  People eat, drink, enjoy themselves, and converse on all sorts of random topics.

We held Circle Suppers two years ago, and miss them, so John Fite and Veral Adair have agreed to organize them again.  Our first Suppers will be held Saturday, January 31.

Remember to sign up by January 25!

You can get more information by clicking this link, and you can sign up by following this link.

Sunday, January 18, Service – “Where Do We Go From Here”

11 AM Sanctuary

“Where Do We Go From Here?” was the title of Rev. Martin Luther King’s last presidential address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. In this most radical of speeches, he connected racism, classism, and war, calling for a complete restructuring of American society. In a time of renewed legalized racism, an increasing class divide, and unending war, shall we reconsider the call for change that Dr. King makes?

Worship Leaders: Rev. Matt Alspaugh and Sarah Lown

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

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Mindfulness Meditation at UUYO

Jessica Fender - water-lily-408058_1280Mindfulness Meditation will meet 2 Thursdays in January- Jan 15 & 29 from 7-8:30 pm in the Youth Room of UUYO. All are welcome as we Begin again….
I found these resolutions on Deepak’s site and they’re much better than the usual, “exercise more, drop some weight, quit smoking, etc, etc”

The 4 Intentions for 2015:
I want a joyful, energetic body
I want a loving, compassionate heart
I want a restful, alert mind
I want lightness of being

Come join us as we Begin Again….

With Metta and Gratitude,

Sunday, January 11, Service – “Cat Herding as Spiritual Practice”

11 AM Sanctuary

At gatherings of Unitarian Universalist ministers or lay leaders, someone is bound to say, “leading UUs is like herding cats.” Not wishing to disrespect cats, I’d like to unpack that statement just a bit. Are we assuming that UUs are somehow different from other people? Or that UU leadership is an exercise in pain and futility? Or that our churches cannot change? I’d like to make the case that leading UU congregations in times of change can be a deeply satisfying activity, and a practice leading to spiritual growth in surprising ways.

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Gina Vance

Musician:  Philip Logan, classical guitarist

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January Theme – “Change Agent”

As we enter into 2015, we reflect on the changes that are happening in the world around us. But how do we handle all this change? Do we react, pushing back, or find a way to “roll with it”? Or do we actively participate, becoming a “Change Agent”? We’ll explore how we might actively engage in the changes around us, creating new beginnings, modifying, improving, healing the world. How might we also actively create space for spiritual transformation? What is the path of metamorphosis for our lives?

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