Sunday services at 11 AM.

1105 Elm. St. (at Illinois)

Youngstown, OH 44505


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An official LGBTQIA “Welcoming Congregation”

A Joyful Community, Spiritually Engaged, Changing the World.

Welcome! We are an oasis for liberal spirituality in the Mahoning Valley. Our mission is to build a diverse and transformative spiritual community, help people live lives of wholeness, and promote justice, peace, and religious freedom.

Here’s what’s going on at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown:

Sunday Service, November 29 – “Letters to the People of the Future”

A ‘Letter to the People of the Future,’ asks our distant children to remember us… that even in our many failings, remember us for our dreams. What might our dreams be for our descendants, the people of the future? What might we do to begin to realize those dreams?

Worship Associate: Sarah Lowry
Musician: Nanette Kaplan Solomon


writing a letter

Sunday Service, November 22 – “The Gratitude Game”

We’ve learned that gratitude is not merely a feeling that comes to you, it is a state that you can consciously create and amplify, even share with others. We will explore some practices, rituals, even games for creating greater gratitude in ourselves and our families. We will continue the conversation during our traditional Thanksgiving dinner, following the service.

Worship Leader: Rev. Matt Alspaugh
Worship Associates: Karen Lapidus and Carole McWilson
Musician: Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

gratitude 2


Sunday Service, November 15 – “Wisdom of the Generations”

What makes our ancestry significant to our lives? Ralph Elison once wrote, “Some people are your relatives but others are your ancestors. You create yourself out of those values.” What stories bring texture and wisdom to our daily lives? We explore those stories and how they bring meaning to us.

Worship Leaders: Sarah Lown, Gerard Kelly, Gina DeAngelo

wisdom of the generations

Sunday Service, November 8 – “I Never Met the Man”

11am –  Sanctuary

Our actions can influence others in ways that we may not have anticipated.  We are all builders, not only to meet our immediate needs, but also to serve in ways yet to be determined for generations to come.  Using examples from the past, we will take note that someday we will be the ancestors of future generations … what will our descendants have to say about us?

Worship Leader: Tom Beck
Worship Associate:  Sarah Lown
Musician: Nanette Kaplan Solomon



Sunday Service, November 1 – “Cloud of Witnesses”

11am –  Sanctuary

November 2 is All Souls Day on the Christian Calendar, a day of remembering the dead, our relatives, ancestors, and others. In the UU tradition, All Souls reminds us of the Universalist understanding of universal salvation, suggesting the “cloud of witnesses” is not just the faithful, but everyone. We’ll explore these ideas and celebrate All Souls Day with ritual.

Worship Leaders: Matt Alspaugh and Kristina Spaude
Musician: Marcellene Hawk

cloud of witnesses