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Sunday services at 11 AM.

1105 Elm. St. (at Illinois)

Youngstown, OH 44505

A Joyful Community, Spiritually Engaged, Changing the World.

Welcome! We are a home for liberal religion in the Mahoning Valley. Our mission is to build a diverse and transformative spiritual community, help people live lives of wholeness, and promote justice, peace, and religious freedom.

Here’s what’s going on at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown:

Sunday, April 20, Service – “A Passover Seder”

11 AM Sanctuary

The Jewish Passover Seder is essentially the story of slavery and freedom.  In this adaptation of the Seder ritual meal, we will explore those ways in which we enslave and are enslaved, and ways in which we liberate and are liberated.  (This is Easter Sunday; we recall that Jesus returned to Jerusalem for Passover.) Our children are especially encouraged to participate.

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Karen O’Malia

Musician:  Nanette Kaplan Solomon


Sunday, April 13, Service – “Jesus’ Last Week”

11 AM Sanctuary

The word “martyr” derives from the Greek root meaning “witness”: one who sees things as they are, and speaks. The witness speaks truth to power, perhaps, even to death. In the Christian tradition, Holy Week opens with Jesus’ return to Jerusalem, where he will speak truth to power and will be executed for it. How can we reclaim Jesus as a prophetic witness? What do we make of Jesus’ martyrdom?

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Sarah Lown

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall



Sunday, April 6, Service – “Journey of Heart”

11 AM Sanctuary

We return to the final of the four Spiritual types described by Corrine Ware, the “Heart Spirituality.”  This spiritual style combines the emotive emphasis with a focus outward, toward the community of the congregation, through stories, music, ritual and sharing.  In this way, we care for each other and in turn receive support and care.

Worship Leader:  Gina DeAngelo

Musician:  Kirk Kupensky on the harp

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Sunday, March 30, Service – “The Four Quartets”

11 AM Sanctuary

In TS Eliot’s The Four Quartets,” he notes that discovery concludes at the moment we recognize our place of beginning.  What about the journey?  Using images from poetry and story, I will explore the cyclical nature of the mythic hero’s journey and connect those images with our contemporary striving for a deeper understanding of who we are and how we got here.

Worship Leader:  Tess Tessier

Worship Associates:  Jan Elias & Sarah Lowry

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

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Sunday, March 23, Service – “Journey of Works”

11 AM Sanctuary

For many UUs, our real service is service out in the world — working for social change to make the world a better place.  Our sanctuary is simply a place to get energized, educated and prepared for this real work, outside.  How can Sunday services engage and energize others for what needs to be done?  How can Sunday morning recharge and refresh us for the never-ending effort of healing the world?

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Jan Elias

Music:  The Youngstown Classical String Quartet

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Sunday, March 16, Service – “Journey of the Mystic”

11 AM Sanctuary

Is there an underlying deep meaning to the universe, a source of all, a sacred ground of being, that cannot really be put into words?  With no words, without images, how do you describe it? Meditation_by_Hans_Peter_-_2123257808_7986a30de6_o How do you engage with, and maybe even merge with, this spiritual source?

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Jim Rogers

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

Sunday, March 9, Service – “Holding On and Letting Go”

parasail11 AM Sanctuary

A century and a half ago, Theodore Parker delivered one of the most famous Unitarian sermons of all times. It was about the need to be able to tell the difference between which things are permanent and which things are impermanent or transient.  A century and a half later, we will update Parker’s sermon by considering the difference between holding on and letting go.  What should we hold on to? What are we better off letting go of?

Guest Minister:  Rev. Thom Belote

Worship Associate:  Sarah Lowry

Rev. Thom Belote has served as the minister of the Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church in suburban Kansas City since 2003. He is a life-long Unitarian Universalist and the editor of “The Growing Church: Keys to Congregational Vitality.”


Sunday, March 2, Service – “Journey of Unity”

Matt in Pulpit11 AM Sanctuary

During March, we explore preferences in our spiritual personalities, and what qualities we prefer in worship. We begin with an overview of various models for categorizing spiritual practice, reaching back to the ancient Hindus, to Christian ideas, and more recent personality-based models. We will identify our own spiritual personalities through a survey, and then analyze the idea of spiritual personalities in a thoughtful, systematic manner.

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Andrew Pfrenger



Sunday, February 23, Service – “Kinesthetic Spirituality”

ALHUANG11 AM Sanctuary

We will be exploring the connection between and integration of our minds, bodies and spirits.

Guest Minister:  Rev. Joe Cherry

Worship Associates: Janice Elias and  Jim Rogers