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Sunday services at 11 AM.

1105 Elm. St. (at Illinois)

Youngstown, OH 44505

A Joyful Community, Spiritually Engaged, Changing the World.

Welcome! We are a home for liberal religion in the Mahoning Valley. Our mission is to build a diverse and transformative spiritual community, help people live lives of wholeness, and promote justice, peace, and religious freedom.

Here’s what’s going on at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Youngstown:

Sunday, September 21, Service – “Night and Day in the Balance”

11 AM Sanctuary

At Equinox, we sit at the moment of balance between light and dark, day and night. This is a time to prepare for the shift of momentum and focus, to consider what inner resources we can gather to prepare for the dark and cold that are coming.

Worship Leader – Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate – Gina DeAngelo

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

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Sunday, September 14, Service – “Preparation: The Jewish Days of Awe”

11 AM Sanctuary

This is the month of Elul in the Jewish calendar, a time of preparation for the Days of Awe – Rosh Hashanah (Day of Judgment) and Yom Kipper (Day of Atonement). The Days of Awe invite us into serious introspection, examination of the past year, repentance, reconciliation, so the coming year may be a good one.

Worship Leaders:   Andy Pfrenger and Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Karen O’Malia

Musician:  Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

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Sunday, September 7, Service – “Come, Come Whoever You Are: Ingathering and Water Service”

11 AM Sanctuary

We’ll move from summer worship downstairs back up into the Sanctuary, and prepare for the regular church year. How do we welcome whoever comes? How do we dwell with each other in peace? As part of our coming together, we continue our traditional ritual of merging the waters: you are invited to bring water from your home or travels to combine with other waters (additional water will be available).

Worship Leader:  Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate:  Monica Hite

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Sunday, August 31, Service – “Aphrodite vs. Athena: the Treatment of Goddess Archetypes by Contemporary Men and Women Artists”

11 AM Channing Hall

Karen O’Malia will present a program prepared earlier for a Creativity and Madness seminar.  She will compare three women artists:  Judy Chicago, the mother of feminist art; Lalla Essayidi, a 21st century artist who grew up in Morocco and lived in Saudi Arabia; and Mickalene Thomas, a 21st century African American artist, with three men artists:  John Currin, a 21st century artist best known for satirical paintings dealing with provocative sexual and social themes;  Francesco Clemente, a 21st century artist,who interprets reality based upon his perceptions; and John Swannell, a British photographer interested in abstract beauty.

She will use photographs of their art works to illustrate differences in male and female interpretations of women subjects.

Worship Leader: Karen O’Malia

Worship Associate: Sarah Lowry

Musician: Marcellene Hawk Mayhall

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Sunday, August 24, Service – “Finding My Voice”

11 AM Channing Hall

Everyone has a voice. I started finding my voice after a series of events left me stranded in the desert singing for my supper. I’ll share some of the challenges I face, the spirits that guide me, and the songs that come out of me.

Worship Leader and Musician: Megan Wormz Bihn

Worship Associate: Monica Hite

As a UU naturalist, farmer, and traveler, Megan Wormz Bihn offers a curious perspective on life though her songcraft. A homespun rootsy voice delivers songs of environmental issues, flirtatious satire, and a raw love for the land. Wormz has been writing and performing live since 2007 around campfires, in coffee shops, at festivals, in desert squat towns, and in living rooms around the country. Her “Little Birdie” EP (2011) was recently followed up by the full-length album “Grow” in the summer of 2013.


Sunday, August 17, Service – “The Source of Genius”

11 AM Channing Hall

The ancients thought that genius was a gift of the gods, while Enlightenment humanists concluded that genius was a rare and exceptional individual quality. We’re beginning to rethink that, realizing that exceptional creativity more often arises in collaboration or in group efforts. We’ll explore how we might use relationship to promote genius in all of us.

Worship Leader: Rev.Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate: Gina DeAngelo

Musician: Marcellene Hawk Mayhall


Sunday, August 10, Service – “Creative Choir”

11 AM  Channing Hall

The UUYO Congregation is unusually rich in creative and accomplished individuals. Everyone is an artist, at some level. Let’s gather and hear about some of our people’s creative process.

Worship Leader: Sarah Lown

Worship Associate: Sarah Lowry

Musician: Nanette Kaplan Solomon

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Sunday, August 3, Service – “My Improvised Life”

11 AM Channing Hall

During summer institute a few weeks ago, I attended a workshop on Longform Improvisation, a theatrical form in which the players make up the scenes as in the spur of the moment. It was scary and embarrassing and creative and great fun! Moreover, I saw many parallels between improv and life, which we’ll explore in this service.

Worship Leader: Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Worship Associate: Ben Barnes

Musician: Nanette Kaplan Solomon

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Sunday, July 27, Service – “Wealth in the 21st Century” Lessons in Spirituality of Money

11 AM Channing Hall

For twelve sessions a small group has met and explored a course called “The Wisdom Path: Money, Spirit, and Life.” We explored aspects of faithful earning, spending, saving, and giving away money. This Sunday, we’ll consider some of the lessons on spirituality and money in our lives and in our society.

Worship Leader: Rev. Matt Alspaugh

Musician:  Nanette Kaplan Solomon